The New Year has opened new avenues and new directions for each one of us. But, still we feel something fragmented within us which leads to numerous questions which remain unanswered. We want to live a healthy life, thriving and achieving our goals and ambitions. Yet, there are hurdles or blocks which we may understand where are they stemming from or not. Hence, the circle of questions, unfulfilled dreams & desires continues.

Fragmentation to Integration is your opportunity to uncover the deep-rooted hidden blocks and release them too. It is an opportunity of a life-time to bring about some life-transforming changes. But, how do I know if this program is for me?


There are certain keys in our lives which show us as to whether we are in the right direction fulfilling our soul plan or not. Reading the following statements will help you understand where are you standing. If you can boldly say “YES”, then this program will enhance your journey in the spiritual world as well as achieving your goals in the material world. And if your answers are “NO” to most of the statements, then this program will help you find the direction aligning you to your soul plan.

  • I have a sacred relationship with myself.
  • I respect myself as well as others.
  • I know how to draw healthy boundaries without being offensive.
  • I am leading healthy lifestyle, eating right, sleeping right & enjoying the pleasures of LIFE.
  • I am connected to my spiritual self authentically.
  • I have the ability to speak the truth and be honest.
  • I am financially secure and feel motivated from within.
  • I am always motivated to work and inspiration flows through me easily.
  • I can feel my emotions fully and I don’t need to suppress them or repress them.
  • I am having a healthy relationship with my family members.
  • I have a place of love and respect in my heart for my loved ones.
  • I can overcome argumentative situations easily and hold peace in such spaces.

These are some of the keys I feel we want to achieve in our lives. And when this is missing, we feel like something is amiss within us.

What is this program about?

We are all connected via our DNA and whether we like it or not, accept it or not, we have taken both the positives as well as negatives from our DNA. The positives help us achieve our goals, whilst the negatives act as road blocks. This program will help you uncover the negatives which are your blocks, help you release them too. But before releasing, it is important to accept them as they are as well as accept the wisdom they are holding for us and integrate it.

Our ancestors who are entangled in the unprocessed emotions which they’ve suffered don’t want us to suffer too. But still, there are entanglements in our lives. This is your opportunity to invoke the energies of your ancestors, Nature as well as of your own soul. I have divided the program into the following:

The Energy of the Directions: The Four Directions i.e. North, East, West and South have their own energies and they have an impact on our lives. For example, the North Direction talks about your Spiritual Journey as a soul, your Spirit Guides and what is the purpose of your Soul. So, we have soul movements and guided meditations for invoking the energies of the North to show you the direction of your soul. Likewise, the East Direction works on your Mental Body. So, after receiving the directions from your Soul, it is then time to plant new seeds of action to achieve the goal. Again, there are exercises, soul movements and guided meditations that you can use.

So, we work with the Four Directions to invoke the appropriate energies for the appropriate actions we have to take in our lives.

The Energy of our Ancestors & DNA: This is the step where we free ourselves from the entanglements of unprocessed, frozen emotions which are no longer serving us. We move from the fragmentation of our DNA energies into integration of whatever we received in a positive mode. There are lot of soul movements done individually as well as in groups in this phase like a movement for identifying the inner critic, healing the emotional scars of our ancestors, movement of releasing dis-eases from our physical body, movement to release the victim-perpetrator relationship and many more. Along with it, there are guided meditations to integrate the new found energy in your space.

The Energy of Time & Place: We often feel that we are lacking time and this becomes a stressor for us. Hence, we need to align with the Energy of Time to understand the essence of our Soul Plan. Likewise, we need to understand the Energy of Place i.e. the energy of our native land as well as where we are living. We need to work in sync with these energies on an individual as well as group level. All of this achieved with group exercises, guided meditations as well as soul movements.

Why this Program will work for you?

  • Your commitment to fully immerse each and every ounce of your existence into this work
  • Your commitment to make a change in your LIFE
  • Your desire to connect with all the above ENERGIES
  • Your commitment to practice the exercises and tools even after the program is over.

Who won’t benefit from this Program?

  • If you’re looking for fixing things, rather than healing
  • If you’re looking for fixing others, than healing your own soul and listening to your Soul’s calling
  • Aren’t ready to accept what comes up in the Energy Circle.
  • If you’re looking for someone to give you a quick fix to your situations in life

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