Re-engineering Inner Consciousness: Breaking Barriers

  • I feel I am not able to succeed to my fullest potential.
  • I am unable to make the right choices at the right time.
  • I think repetitive thoughts and I cannot stop them.
  • I am worthy or not of good in my life, I am confused.
  • I feel like I am living too ordinary life.

Do these statements ring any bells in your mind? I am sure a lot of them do.

The main reason for living a similar life like our parents or other members of our DNA lineage is because our DNA has been programmed with the experiences, traumas, happy and unhappy memories of our parents, grandparents and our ancestors. Hence, we tend to think repetitive thoughts and experience similar emotions.

Re-engineering Inner Consciousness: Breaking Barriers is a workshop designed to set oneself free from the unprocessed thoughts and emotions lying in the DNA. It aims at making yourself aware of those thoughts and emotions which are consciously sealed but still run in the background. There are times when we take on the heavy fate of our parents, grandparents or our ancestors to process these emotions and this is what becomes our BARRIER to experience ABUNDANCE and SUCCESS. Consciously, we don’t have any control over this. This is where this workshop can help.

The invitation is to –

  • Understand what the Family System and the DNA is
  • Understand how our loyalty towards the DNA affects our life
  • Discover the underlying thoughts and emotions affecting the various aspects of life
  • Discover your unconscious story running at the energetic level and change it
  • Discover how to become a part of attracting positive and healthy energy from your DNA as opposed to negative energy
  • Breaking repetitive patterns which are acting as hindrances in your life.

How will this be done –

  • Soul movements: These are most effective movements to make any kind of change in your life. These movements are done either in a group or individually to break patterns as well as to release the unprocessed emotions and thoughts. Soul movements have the capacity to transform your life when done with all your heart, compassion and gratitude.
  • Meditations: There will be certain meditation exercises done to create a new neuro-pathway from re-programming your mind – body – soul.
  • Group exercises: There will be group exercises to understand the DNA system and discover the patterns you have been repeating. Within these group exercises, everyone gets a chance to release their own limiting belief system as well as limiting emotions and thoughts.
  • Re-aligning with the Family System: Certain exercises and meditations will help you to re-align with your own Family System so that you can re-program it to achieve much more abundance and success for yourself as well as for your future generations.

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