About Anchal Jyoti

What if you knew that blending spiritual practices was possible with your worldly life? And that life can be easy, can be re-defined at any point of time. Well, then Anchal Anurag Jyoti is your person to go to. She has an experience of more than a decade. Her sole intention is to help people realize and believe that one needs to align with their inner spirituality to move forward successfully. Her experience of working with countless people individually and in groups of different perspectives and mind frames allows her to look at the solutions in a non-conventional manner.

Anchal Anurag Jyoti is trained in quite a lot of healing modalities like Clinical Hypnotherapy from EKAA, Family Constellations from Hellinger Sciencia, Past Life Regression Therapy and many more. Though her actual spiritual journey started when she was 7 years old. And then with all the learning, she is enriched with knowledge and wisdom from practical work. Her insights about handling conflict situations in life as well as to invoke the inner flame are helping people of all age-groups and from different walks of life.

In her own words, “Every individual born is not just a human being, but a soul being born to experience spirituality in a human form. Of course, there are going to be roller coaster of emotions and feelings coming from all the directions, but we need to brace ourselves to these challenges to grow and evolve. My experience of being born in an open mindset family was definitely my steppingstone. But the journey had its own course. We need to acknowledge our baggage of unprocessed emotions and feelings. Only then we open a tunnel of healing light for ourselves. Though the acknowledgment process is a tough one, but one cannot imagine the doorways it opens for evolution.”

Anchal Anurag Jyoti is incredibly grateful to her parents and sisters for giving her the freedom and space to be herself. She is thankful to her support system – her husband – Anurag Jyoti, without whom she feels nothing would have been possible. And her wonderful teachers – Bert Hellinger, Sophie Hellinger who gave her a new perspective to look at life – through our DNA.

With open hands, she is ready to embrace one and all on this journey of RE-DISCOVERING ourselves and AWAKENING our true inner potential.