Do You Ask Yourself the “Right Questions?”

Do You Ask Yourself the “Right Questions?”

Now, what a weird blog title it is, right? Are we supposed to ask ourselves questions? Yes, we are. But the basic problem is that we are programmed to look for answers only.

We are totally disconnected with the kind of questions running in the background, i.e. in our subconscious mind. Did you ever notice that we are looking for answers because there are questions in the mind somewhere?

Have you ever tried to beat the sudden need for answers and looks for what are these questions?

Absolutely not. Because the idea to live life is to find answers. This is where the problem begins. If we allow our mind to ask questions, then it will ask us questions based on the limiting beliefs and values we are carrying from our DNA, family system, environmental system and so on. Hence, taking back the power from the mind and allowing yourself to ask empowering and correct questions will help you find the right direction to move forward in your life.

Here are top 5 benefits of asking empowered questions:

–       Bring in mental clarity for the purpose of your life

–       Opens new thought patterns allowing you to explore uncharted waters

–       Helps you to break the age-old patterns that you’re repeating

–       Helps you find new insights about the decisions you take

–       Allows you to create new experiences in life which are ground-breaking as opposed to the older ones

Given the benefits of asking empowered questions, it is time to change the way we have been working all through our lives. It is perhaps time to rewire the way our minds work.

Now, I am taking you through simple steps on how you can use this method of Asking Empowered Questions in your day-to-day life when you want new direction or perhaps new ideas to solve your problems:

 1. Select the Issue: 

To start the process, you will need to first select the issue carefully. I suggest on selecting that issue where your deep feelings and emotions are involved. A matter that is close to your heart and needs immediate addressing is the right one to start with the process.

My second suggestion is calling in a small group – maybe family and friends or co-workers so that you can see the issue from different perspectives and different angles. Each member can contribute with fresh ideas and resolutions too.

2. Time to Spill the Beans:

Once everyone has gathered and settled, it is time to spill the issue to everyone. Walk them through the issue thoroughly including the feelings and emotions within. Give them some time to sink in with the issue.

Now, tell the group that they are not here to share their solutions about the issue. But to ask the right kind of questions which will help you to understand what angles and situations you are avoiding seeing or are unable to understand.

There will be no explanation to the questions by the contributor. Because these questions have to open ended as well as direct.

3. Start Generating Questions:

 It is now time for you to sit down calmly and let people start generating empowered questions. Keep writing the questions you’re being asked and find constructive and solution-oriented answers to them.

Let people question the solutions too. This will help you see the issue deep enough and find the appropriate solution to it. Ask people to be totally honest in the exercise.

No pleasers in the group should be the motto. Allow yourself to shed the limiting beliefs and patterns. Search for new solutions.

In between, keep checking on yourself. See whether you’re positively doing the exercise, or there is a part of you which is being pessimistic. If that is the case, then restart the exercise by grounding yourself.

Most of the time, this exercise sparks new lights of positivity in your mind. You feel yourself opening to new ways of seeing life and experiencing it too.

 4. Time to sum up: 

After this exercise is complete, it is now time to dwell on the list of questions. Ensure that you go through each question carefully. Read the question and see if this is something you thought about before? Or perhaps this is a new perspective.

See if the question is invoking any emotional, negative or positive response. You need to analyze carefully what does your gut say about it. If a question is helping you to think in new directions and see unexplored angles, then it is definitely a genuine one.

Following the above steps will help you gain more clarity both about the issue as well as for finding new solutions. This is the power of asking Empowered Questions. The reason to start with groups is because it will help you think differently.

A new habit to look at things from various angles will be formed. Initially, working with the group is easy to form this new habit. Once you mind is habituated, then you can do this exercise alone too. Being honest with yourself will only help you benefit from this exercise.

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