6 Steps to Bring in PEACE in your SOUL

6 Steps to Bring in PEACE in your SOUL

The aim of every human life is to ultimately live in peace. The process or the journey to reach this goal of achieving peace in the soul goes through vicious circles and numerous hurdles.

There are patterns repeating and then we have to deal with unprocessed feelings and emotions as well. We ourselves go through a variety of experiences like traumas or failures which further makes us move into loops only.

So, here after working on myself as well as on my clients, I felt we can at least start the journey of inviting peace in our space with these steps. And then, of course we will all have our own journey to continue. These steps can serve as starters for your journey:

1. Acknowledging your parents:

Acknowledging your parents

This life is a gift received from our parents. They have given us life by serving LIFE itself. This is because LIFE always want to GROW and by giving us this birth, they served the principle of GROWTH.

Hence, the first step should be acknowledging and being grateful to them for this life. This will help your subconscious mind to stop resisting and fighting with them. Your parents and you will come to a place of common ground with this exercise leading you to complete your first step towards peace in your soul.

2. Gratitude is the Attitude:

Today I Am Grateful For Text On Notebook

Being grateful for this life and every breath is the ultimate way to bring in peace. When we are grateful for this life, we start attracting more peaceful situations in our life. This is because gratitude aligns you to the energies of harmony and co-operation.

Hence, you start attracting those people and environment in your life which makes you feel balanced and aligned. Whereas, when gratitude towards life is missing, it is like running against the huge waves in the sea.

All you can see is yourself getting drowned into the pit of rage, anger, revenge and other destructive emotions and feelings. Meditating with the energy of Gratitude is again a very powerful way to kickstart your day.

3. Allowing LIFE to flow through you


What is life? It is nothing but a vibrant energy which flows through you, making you feel alive from within. The question is how do we allow life to flow through us consciously? of course, we know that breathing is an unconscious process, so life flows through us unconsciously.

But, when we breathe in with awareness, this is when we let life flow through us consciously. Each breath has the power in it to transform your life totally. All you need to do is start breathing consciously, become a witness to this superpower and allow it to flow through you.

4. Journaling:


Writing a journal every day is one of the most powerful ways to re-discover yourself. It can also serve as a tool to identify the repeating patterns in your life. Also, it can help you see the similar patterns running between you and your parents.

Once you are able to identify these patterns, releasing them is easier as well. This will stop the constant never-ending cycle of many patterns which are your blocks to move forward in your journey of self-growth.

5. Spending time in Nature:


The Creator of the infinite Universe had blessed us with its powers in the form of Nature as well. Whether it is the dense trees or the infinite ocean or mountain peaks, Nature flows with infinite peace.

When we spend time with Nature, we rejuvenate on all the levels of our existence. If you’ve noticed closely, then when we spend time under a dense old tree or sit along the seashore watching the waves, our thoughts slow down. All the bodily process slows down too. There is a sense of calmness and peace within.

Of course, this can happen when we consciously focus on the element of Nature we are surrounded with. Hence, spending one hour on a daily basis with Natural elements tend to bring in more peace within. In turn, this gives us an opportunity to connect with ourselves deeply, listen to the inner voice and act accordingly. It is a kind of meditation with the Nature.

6. Celebrating LIFE each day:

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This is one of the most powerful tools you can use to bring in peace within. The chaotic world today is busy looking at the flaws of life than focusing on the goodness life has to offer.

Every human being experiences tiny bits of happiness each day. Yet, the mind is focused on counting the flaws and frowned experiences. We allow the weeds of unhappiness grow and amplify in our mind, rather than allowing the happiness to multiply within.

Now, is your time to reprogram your mind and start celebrating LIFE each day. We need to redefine celebration at the same time. Celebration is not just throwing a party, rather it is being happy and smiling all day.

Celebrating life is about connecting with LIFE being alive from within. Connecting with people soulfully, connecting with Nature wholly is truly celebrating life.

These are the simple tools we all can use for starters to bring in peace within our souls. Imagine if each one of us can follow these simple steps, it will bring in so much peace on our planet. Let us all do our bit of bringing in more peace within, so that it can multiply on our planet and everyone celebrates LIFE positively.

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