Success Stories

Success Stories

Knowing about the soul, how does it work, what is karma – all of these was something I was fascinated about since my childhood. But I guess life had other plans for me. I did my MBA in marketing from a reputed institute and got in the competitive rate race. I achieved a lot but always felt incomplete from inside. The biggest setback came to me when I was given the pink slip for no reason. This is when I first met Anchal for a therapy. I explained her about my feeling of being incomplete. She did an Emotional Balance Therapy session, and the experience was just phenomenal. I could understand that I am feeling like a failure from within and I am not accepting success.

The next session we did was Family Constellations. This session made me aware that I am carrying this pattern from my mother. We released it. I then got the opportunity to attend her workshop – Re-engineering Inner Consciousness. This was a huge shift for me. It made me aware of all the negative emotions I was carrying. Also, how I was closing myself to receiving from my own parents. I highly recommend Anchal for her therapies and the workshops are just phenomenal. She takes you to the deepest level of your issues, also resolving them.

Anchal has the knack to push you to further enhance your limits. She will keep pushing you, until you don’t reset your axis of growth. Honestly, initially I was reluctant when was constantly pushing me, but when I saw the results, I surrendered to her method totally. Guys, if you feel you’re stuck, then she is the person you should get in touch with.

Anchal, I really bless you to succeed and help many more like me! And this has been an absolute pleasure to write in for you.

When I saw the results, I surrendered to her method totally,
Vikas Bhatia

It has been a long journey of transformation, full of positive changes since I met Anchal in 2009. Her sessions to handle my emotions during my divorce and post legal separation re settling with my son in a new city , collecting and understanding self-better . Professionally handling the tough people and calming myself down during various ups & downs of life alone, without any support system. Her sessions, therapies various FC’s(family constellations) to re discover self and be a better person are simply phenomenal. Over the period, I know myself better as a person and strongly recommend others to undergo FC’s(family constellations) and other therapies offered by Anchal to break the same patterns & cycles we face in our lives – be it emotional or our thoughts. With immense happiness and pride, I stay thankful to Anchal forever, for her brilliant work and support to me!

Amazing Transformation In Life!,
Jasdeepti Singh