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We are students of life for our entire lifetime. Hence, growing continuously is the major GOAL of every life. The major breakthrough for GROWTH is discovering your Soul Purpose because we have designed certain goals larger than this materialistic life. The bigger picture is accomplishing these soul – growth goals, so that we our earthly life goals can all go hand in hand. Taking in the element of LIFE is the key source of looking at life wholly and completely.

Spiritual Coaching helps you understand this larger picture of life and take you on a journey of self-discovery plus take you towards growing in life. No matter which area of life you’re struggling with, it is still important to sink in the fact that we are all born to GROW and THRIVE in life. Struggles are nothing but our soul’s way to point our focus and attention to something important to be addressed as that is our cornerstone or stepping stone to success.

Empowering yourself with Anchal Jyoti’s Spiritual coaching will help you seek clarity of purpose in life, release your barriers to see what this life is having in store for you and how you can align yourself with the highest good. She offers a variety of tools and therapeutic modalities which can help you re-discover your authentic self. Her countless years of experience coupled with working with individuals from different walks of life is what brings in the effective and result oriented coaching sessions.


Brings in CLARITY and FOCUS

We may think of many things as utmost important to deal with in life and yet we are confused with multi-tasking. Spiritual Coaching helps you bring clarity on what needs to be dealt with in order of their correct importance.


There are issues which you wouldn’t like to discuss in a group setting. Personal Coaching gives you the liberty to express your opinions, emotions and feelings in a non-judgmental environment, maintaining confidentiality of whatever is spoken. It also helps peel those layers of deep-seated emotions which otherwise remain in the background because of the fear of judgment from other people.

Individualizing and Personalizing your Growth plans

Every individual has a different pace and style of learning. Hence, growth plans need to be personalized keeping in mind what suits you and how to incorporate them based on your adaptability.

Makes you self-inspiring

One of the major aims of Spiritual Coaching is to make individuals self-inspiring. Anchal Jyoti strongly believes in empowering individuals to take charge of their lives totally and become an example in themselves.

Spiritual Therapeutic Tools and Modalities Used

There are numerous therapeutic tools and modalities that Anchal Jyoti uses to help her clients with Spiritual Coaching. Each tool or modality is used based on what suits the client. But, still here is a sneak peek into major modalities she works with:

Family Constellations: Family Constellations is a profound healing modality as well as a diagnostic tool brought in by a German psychotherapist, philosopher Bert Hellinger. We as human beings are designed in a way where we carry our traits and attributes from our DNA, i.e. we carry them from our family lineage. For example, a child born in the family looks exactly like his paternal grandfather or a daughter replicate her eating habits exactly like her mother. All of this is possible because of the information present in our DNA. Like the good habits, we also carry forward the sufferings of our parents, grandparents and our ancestors unknowingly exactly like the way we carry the good traits. We unknowingly suffer their sufferings without understanding the root cause from where they are originating. All of this leads to unhappiness in our lives and entanglements.The question now is, “How and why are we suffering their sufferings when they are no longer present in their physical bodies?” The answer to this is, there is a “Supreme Energy Field” where we all belong to. And this is the place where these entanglements are present and are coded in our DNA as well. This is the field where one can identify the entanglements with the help of a facilitator and resolve the issues where reasons for the issues where unexplainable earlier.

Family Constellations take you on a journey of a dynamic consciousness where one can become aware of “All That Is” presence and re-connect themselves to the SOURCE of their existence.

Benefits of Family Constellations:

  • Restoring Love, Peace and Harmony in your Energy Field; thereby helping you to reclaim your feeling of oneness.
  • Surrendering the EGO presence and accepting that we are the sum total of our parents, grandparents and our ancestors.
  • The most important element which one can apply here is GRATITUDE. One can let the energy of gratitude flow across the generations and lead a more meaningful life.
  • Becoming ONE with the “All That Is” presence, the ancestors, the energy field and everyone who belongs to the family system.

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Emotional Balance Technique: Our emotions rule our lives and hence balancing and aligning them is critical for growing in our lives. Releasing the emotions which are acting as barriers to our success is important, but also, we need to know from where they are originating. Emotional Balancing Technique helps you to understand the origination of these emotions, release them and ensure that the void created by the release is now filled with optimistic emotions helping you to re-design your life.

Emotional Balance Technique is a tool derived to bring out the best in you by shedding the heavy weight of unproductive emotions. Getting entangled with emotions like unresolved sorrow, grief, hatred, rage can be really limiting you to make your way towards growing in life. EBT is a very simple effective technique without putting you into trance or hypnosis. It is a totally conscious method of first discovering the most bothering emotions, then tracing their origination and finally releasing them and filling in the void with positive emotions.

EBT helps you to deal with complex emotions without diving totally into those emotions that you lose your control, but at the same time heal them from the roots. Often, there are patterns repeating in your family or some patterns that you’re carrying from across lifetimes. These emotional patterns need to be broken and set yourself free from this cycle is also the need of the hour. Whatever may be the reason for your emotional entanglement, EBT is sure to help you release it.

Flow Chart of how Emotional Balance Technique works



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