Balancing the Giving and Receiving from Parents


This is an online meditation focused on releasing trauma’s and unhealthy beliefs. We inherit them from our parents as we do the positive traits. Releasing them opens new doorways to success. Buy it now and bring a positive curve in your life and create a healthy relationship with your parents.


As the children we would like our relationship with our parents to be great. But, we sometimes pick up those trauma’s or unhealthy beliefs from them that stop us from moving forward in life. This meditation will help you to balance the relationship of giving and receiving with your parents. Epigenetic studies have shown how we repeat patterns of our parents. These loyalties prevent us from succeeding in life. There are numerous case studies to demonstrate the destructive giving and receiving between parents and children.

This meditation has been made with an intention of releasing those DNA memories, traumas, negative belief systems inherited from parents. One needs to be free from entanglements to succeed in life. This meditation can aid in achieving your goals and ambitions.