The Power of Inspired Visualization

The Power of Inspired Visualization

What is Inspired Visualization?

What happens when you want to achieve some goal in life? Either you’re certain about accomplishing it or there are doubts about it. When there is certainty, then achievement follows, but when there are doubts the road is blocked. This is where you can use the power of Inspired Visualization. Look around and you will find thousands of ways to inspire you. It is only when you apply this inspiration in your thoughts using all your senses, then it becomes a sure shot manifestation. The reason to apply Inspired Visualization is to overcome all the limiting beliefs and doubts in your mind and re-wire it with positive thoughts. It is like an assurance to yourself and your mind that no matter whatever the outer circumstances are, you will still achieve your goal.

Example of applying Inspired Visualization

An example of a successful achiever using Inspired Visualization is Hollywood actor Jim Carrey who was struggling in the early 1990’s. He wrote a cheque to himself of $10 million for acting and services rendered, kept it in his wallet for daily inspiration. And in 1994, he was paid exactly $10 million for his role in Dumb and Dumber. Such immense is the power of Inspired Visualization. The key to make is work is using all five senses and making it a reality in your mind and heart.

Inspired Visualization explained in detail:

It isn’t something wrong to have limiting beliefs and doubts or fears about accomplishing your goals. There are many factors which contribute to these thoughts and feelings like our DNA, environmental conditions, social and economic conditions. The game changer here is your readiness to accept that these limiting beliefs are existing in you and that it is time to set yourself free. Inspired visualization is all about how much can you visualize working towards your goals in details as well as the accomplishment. The more detailed and precise is your visualization, the more accepting it is to your mind. And once you’ve got these basic ingredients in place, then it is all about practicing it in your mind and replaying it until your mind makes it a reality.

Inspired Visualization isn’t a one – time exercise, it is a RITUAL for ACHIEVING SUCCESS. Hence, 100% dedication and committed efforts are needed to make it work. One cannot invest only an hour a week and expect miraculous results coming their way. Remember, it is RE-WIRING YOUR MIND and REALITY which you’ve been living for such a long time. So, the efforts have to be consistent and in a detailed format. Having a cluttered visualization will not work. Like in the example above, Jim Carrey wrote a specific amount on the cheque and not millions. This made his mind very clear about the goal to be achieved.

Before starting the mental Inspired Visualization process, write down the goal you want to accomplish. Ensure to mention every minute detail stating what do you want, how do you want, what should be your achievement, what is the time frame you’re expecting and so on. The more detailed is the writing, the easier it becomes for you to visualize and use all your senses. Even if there are any negative thoughts coming your way while writing, write them too as this will make you aware of the possible road blocks your mind may create. And so, you can be prepared in advance to deal with the situation before it arises. Let this experience be comprehensive.

The Process of Inspired Visualization:

Once you’re ready with detailed description of your goal, then it is time for Inspired Visualization. Sit down in a quiet place and just relax your physical and mental body with some deep breathing. Empty your mind of any thoughts or distractions. Now, visualize every element that you’ve written in your mind using all your senses. Make it bright, use colors in your visualization, any tastes that come to your mouth or anything you can feel in your body – make a note of everything. Let this mental picture amplify as a life size picture and keep giving it energy mentally.

Repeat this process as often during the day to turn this into a physical reality from being just a mental reality.

Inspired Visualization in a Nutshell:

  • Decide on the goal you want to accomplish. Be sure about the goal and the achievement.
  • Write about the goal and the road map to its achievement in details before Inspired Visualization.
  • Ensure that you write all the possible blocks to achievement that your mind is already thinking about. Chalk out a plan in advance to deal with these blocks.
  • During the visualization process, ensure that you use all your senses and not just a mental picture without any feelings or emotions.
  • You need to repeat this Inspired Visualization every day at least twice.
  • Before going to bed or immediately when you wake up in the morning is the most ideal time to do this exercise
  • Your commitment and 100% dedicated efforts are the key to success in this process.

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