Digging Deeper in Life


We want to know the root causes of our issues. The answers to our questions are right here in the Universe. Tapping into the wisdom by digging deeper into various aspects of our lives is the solution. This meditation is a guided journey to discover your authentic self and see on a deeper level what needs to be shedded and what needs to be integrated in life.


We want to know the root causes of our issues or the problems we are facing in our lives. The answers to our questions are right here in the Universe. Tapping into the wisdom by digging deeper into various aspects of our lives is the best solution; whether these issues are personal or transgenerational i.e. coming from our lineage. This meditation is a guided journey to discover your authentic self and see on a deeper level what needs to be shed and what needs to be integrated in life.

Digging Deeper in Life” is a journey towards your inner world and see what kind of trauma’s are stopping you from moving forward in life. This meditation will help you to find the roots of those toxic emotions which are running deeper subconsciously.

Emotions such as suppressed anger or unexpressed grief or probably your inability to express rage; all these need to be addressed and released as well. Once you know what is the trouble maker within, it can be then released. Post release, there will be an integration process in which the mind-body-soul heal themselves.

Our authentic self has the power to bring in our manifestations into reality. Shedding away the scar of emotional, mental trauma as well as the letting go off the burden of the unprocessed emotions of the DNA is the biggest liberation.